Necklace is one of the most convenience and easiest way to put together as part of your outfit. However, choosing the right necklace to enhance your look can be tricky if you don't know what you're looking for.

There are so many types and designs of necklace to choose from and we understand it can get a little overwhelming. With a better understanding of your face shape, you will be surprised to know that accessorizing with necklaces is such a breeze. 


Inverted Triangle or Heart-shaped Face

Your face is sharp and charismatic. Because of a pointy chin, you look super photogenic in pictures!

Characteristic: Wide forehead or cheekbones with a small delicate chin.

Styling Tips: Look for styles that add width to achieve more oval-looking face shape

Jewelry Choice: We recommend wearing jewelry that would appear wider at the bottom to create a “rounded” neckline such as chokers, necklaces with short chains, round or fan-shaped pendants. Oval or minimal earrings would also help define face shape and take attention off your face. Avoid necklace or pendent with sharp or pointy shape (i.e. triangular, star or hexagon shapes) as well as long/skinny earrings as they would make your chin looks longer. 


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Round Shape

 Round face shape gives off a youthful vibe that makes you look younger!

 Characteristics: Wide cheekbones with a full or round jawlines and gradual curving facial shape lines

 Styling Tips: Add length to your face to slim down the sides of cheekbones to deflect roundness of face shape.

Jewelry Choice: To elongate your face, choose a long necklace that would create a V-shape to lengthen the facial lines. The ideal necklace length is around 15 inches (38cm) on average, at which the necklace would rest between the collarbone and the chest. This would highlight and draw attention to your neckline. We also recommend choosing pendants with rectangle shape or tear-drop to extend and draw eye sight beyond your chin.

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Oval Shape

Congratulations - you can get away with almost any style with such a well-balanced face shape!

Characteristics: Slightly wider at the mid-points of the sides with softly rounded jawline

Styling Tips: Since your face is proportional, you can pull off all kinds of styles. However, be cautious and take into considerations of your other facial features such as nose, chin, eyes, and lips, as well as your neckline.

Jewelry Choice: You look good in any jewelry style, so why not be adventurous and try out the hottest and latest style! We suggest staying away from jewelry that make you look mature, such as large pearl or small diamond necklace.

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Stay tuned for Part 2 where we will talk about the remaining 3 face shapes: Square, Diamond and Oblong.