Welcome back! We are continuing our 2-part series to offer you latest fashion trend and tips on finding the best necklace to compliment your facial feature. Let's go right in for those who have a square, oblong or diamond face shape.


Square Shape

With angular jawline your face shape gives an impression of strength and sexiness that adds drama to your appearance.

Characteristics: Square and angular jawline, similar width of your cheekbones and forehead

Styling Tips: Soften the angles to give the illusion that both the forehead and the jawline appear narrower and rounded. Attempt to drawn attention to chin and below.

Jewelry Choice: Wear necklaces with round and curved edges and are long in length. This would relax the angle of your face, and pulls attention away from your sharp jawline. Choose a necklace with long chains if your neck appear short to add length. Avoid wearing necklace with defined edges such as square, triangle or sharp corner. We also recommend choosing a warm colour such as yellow or rose gold to achieve a more feminine look.


Rhombus or Diamond Shape

Are you a sparkling diamond? Diamond face shapes is feminine and chiseled!

Characteristics: You have wide and high cheekbones with narrow forehead and jawline, and delicate chin.

Styling Tips: Create an illusion of a fuller forehead and add more width to your chin area to balance out the attention at the cheekbones.

Jewelry Choice: Your ideal jewelry shapes are the ones that add width to your jawline – something simple with some weight and round edge. A simple and elegant, for example long single diamond pendent is perfect. Avoid necklace with a pointy downward shape such as rhombus, heart or inverted triangle.


Oblong Shape

 Your face is long that makes you look slim and skinny!

Characteristics: Face is longer and narrow with flat cheekbones and long chin or forehead

Styling Tips: Shorten your face by broadening cheekbones and adding width to achieve a fuller appearance.

Jewelry Choice: Similar to triangle shape face, your goal is to create a full and “circular” effect to widen the long shape. We recommend wearing necklaces with round or curved edge pendant, or with horizontal designs. Also, chokers or medium length necklaces that are not below collarbones are excellent choices.