We have the perfect gifts to show how much you love her!

Jewelry is often a gift of sentiment - an expression of love and appreciation. At MyKay, we offer a wide range of jewelry and accessories, from necklaces to earrings, rings, bracelets, for you to choose from for different taste, style and material. But we know, buying a Mother’s Day gift can be very personal and it sometimes can be very a daunting task. Fear not, we are here to help and put together some tips to help you find the most popular and latest 2018 Mother's Day gift that she will love. 


Vintage: Jewelry that appear “old-fashioned” could in fact be old and trend-setting. She is captivated by art and literature, and enjoys jewelry pieces for their unique designs that stand out and is different from standard.  


Classic: Who can resist a timeless and elegant style that goes from day to night? She is often a traditionalist who enjoys quiet and intimate get-together with friends and family. She prefer simple designs and classic tastes that reflects her calm and loving poise.


Fun-Loving: If she is active, social and love to be surrounded by people, her jewelry choice would reflect that too. She prefers larger pieces of jewelry with vibrant colours and designs. Her generous and cheery personality draw people to her, just as her jewelry pieces, like a magnet.


Luxe: The truth is there can never be enough sparkle for that special occasion. She adores a glamour, feminine and shimmering look that keeps her shinning through the night. Bring on the bling so as she is dazzling brilliant!